Introducing: AllReceipts™ From Star Micronics

The Fast, Secure and Reliable Digital Receipt Solution

AllReceipts™ is a FREE, DIGITAL RECEIPT SOLUTION available on all Star Micronics TSP100 thermal receipt printer models.

AllReceipts™ is a cloud-based digital receipt solution providing customers with the ability to store and manage receipts digitally and anonymously.

No email address required!  AllReceipts™ includes a Device Management Tool and Instant Customer Satisfaction Survey for retailers.

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AllReceipts™ provides a number of innovative benefits for:

Customers, Retailers and POS Systems Integrators.

Customers can save a digital copy of the receipt on the mobile device of their choice and view receipts by date or retailer. There’s no need to share your e-mail address to receive digital receipts and no need to take a photo of your receipt to store it as a digital receipt.

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Retailers receive AllReceipts™ Free of Charge with the Star TSP100 receipt printer. AllReceipts™ allows the Retailer to receive valuable customer feedback in the form of an instant customer satisfaction survey.

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Integrators can incorporate the AllReceipts™ API and include these Reporting Tools: Data on all receipts printed and claimed – Device Management Tool providing real time status across the installed base of printers – Instant customer satisfaction survey.

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AllReceipts™ allows customers to receive copies of their receipts directly to their smartphones!

The app also lets customers participate in valuable retailer surveys!

Get AllReceipts™ Today! – It’s Free!

  • Customers can download the free App
  • Save a digital copy of receipts on the mobile device of choice
  • No need to take images of receipts for storage
  • No need to submit email address or mobile number
  • Receipts can be filed and retrieved by date or retailer
  • Instant customer satisfaction survey aides consumers and retailers
  • Retailers get data on every printed and claimed receipt
  • Retailers get AllReceipts’™ real time status Device Management Tool
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AllReceipts™ provides exceptional solutions to grow your business!

AllReceipts™ includes exciting features for customers, retailers and POS Systems Integrators!
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